Compatible Epson 18XL High Capacity Ink Cartridges - Pack of 8 - 2 Set

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Expression home: XP-102 / XP-405 / XP-305 / XP-202 / XP-30 / XP-205
Expression home: XP-415 / XP-312 / XP-315 / XP-215 / XP-212
Expression home: XP-422 / XP-322 / XP-225

PROFESSIONAL PRINT QUALITY - Premium quality ink cartridges replacement for Epson T1816 high yield ink cartridges with ink and newest updated chips offer professional quality prints that can be used to produce high quality documents and photographs alike. Our inks are formulated to ensure Vivid Colours. Crystal Clear printing for daily use such as school, office work, and home printing

INK VOLUME: High Capacity 18 ML for per T1811 Black, 15ML for per T1812 Cyan, T1813 Magenta, T1814 Yellow

2 x 18ml
2 x 15ml
2 x 15ml
2 x 15ml



COMPATIBILITY - The Cartridges replace the following Epson Cartridges T1811, T1812, T1813, T1814 and fit the following printers Epson Expression home XP102 / XP405 / XP305 / XP202 / XP30 / XP205 XP415 / XP312 / XP315 / XP215 / XP212 XP422 / XP322 / XP225

Our promise to provide cartridges that are 100% compatible with your Epson printer while providing you sharp, crisp prints every time.

No leaks, No blockages, No Lines - just simple easy printing.

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