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Epson ink cartridges are carefully engineered to provide reliable, fade resistant printing for both text and images in both text and black and white. They are also designed to work in total harmony with your Epson printer, which means they are easy to replace and contain ink which has been carefully formulated to optimise your printing experience, with sharp, vibrant colours and crisp, clear text.


At Ink Guru we recognise the need to keep costs under control, which is why we make it our business to make it easy for you to buy high-quality, affordable Epson ink cartridges online. InkGuru is your one-stop solution for all types of Epson ink cartridges. We aim to offer the cheapest Epson ink cartridges online, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and service.

Because while we want to provide you with cheap Epson ink cartridges, we also firmly believe that it is important to ensure that every single one of the Epson ink cartridges that we supply is of the highest quality. There are many types of “Epson Compatible” ink cartridges on the market, but just because a cartridge will work in your machine does not automatically mean it is entirely suitable for that use.

Some third party Epson compatible ink cartridges use low quality inks which not only produce poorer quality documents but can also clog up printer heads and could even cause permanent damage to your printer. There can also be issues with the chips used in some third party cartridges which can lead to your printer thinking that they are fuller or emptier than they really are. This means that you might sometimes end up throwing away ink, or not realising that your cartridge is running low. Our experience tells us that when it comes to Epson compatible ink cartridges “cheap” is not always the same as “good value”.

By contrast, when we tell you that we strive to offer the cheapest Epson ink cartridges online we mean genuine, high quality Epson ink cartridges that have been constructed to the highest possible standards. So when you purchase “cheap” Epson ink cartridges from InkGuru “cheap” really does also mean “great value”. Not only do our customers benefit from our long years of experience in the supply of cost effective printing consumables and our relentless quest for great quality and cost effectiveness, they also experience our legendary customer service.

At InkGuru we believe that supplying the cheapest Epson ink cartridges online is pointless if our customers are not completely happy, so your experienced staff are always happy to give any assistance and advice you might need. What is more, when you buy our cheap Epson ink cartridges your order will be dispatched the same day, if it is placed before 3pm. We also give our customers free, first class shipping on all orders over £15.00, so when you consult InkGuru you get the best quality, at the best price in the shortest possible time.

So explore our range of Epson compatible ink cartridges and never worry about printer consumables again.