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Compatible Epson 29XL T2996 Ink Cartridge - Pack of 10 - 2 Sets & 2 Black

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Epson Expression Home XP-452 XP-352
Epson Expression Home XP-255 XP-245
Epson Expression Home XP-442 XP-247
Epson Expression Home XP-345 XP-455
Epson Expression Home XP-445 XP-435
Epson Expression Home XP-432 XP-355
Epson Expression Home XP-342 XP-335
Epson Expression Home XP-332 XP-257
Epson Expression Home XP-235


PROFESSIONAL PRINT QUALITY - Premium quality ink cartridges replacement for Epson T2996 high yield ink cartridges with ink and newest updated chips offer professional quality prints that can be used to produce high quality documents and photographs alike. Our inks are formulated to ensure Vivid Colours. Crystal Clear printing for daily use such as school, office work, and home printing

HUGE SAVINGS: Save over u00a394 vs Original Epson Cartridges

INK VOLUME: High Capacity 18.2ML for per T2991 Black, 14ML for per T2992 Cyan, T2993 Magenta, T2994 Yellow

COMPATIBILITY - The Cartridges replace the following Epson Cartridges T2991, T2992, T2993, T2994, T2996 and fit the following printers Epson Expression Home XP452 XP352 XP255 XP245 XP442 XP247 XP345 XP455 XP445 XP435 XP432 XP355 XP342 XP335 XP332 XP257 XP235

Total Approx. Printouts with this combination: T2991 - 2200 Pages, T2992 - 960 Pages T2993 - 960 Pages, T2994- 960 Pages.

2200 Pages
960 Pages
960 Pages
960 Pages



Our promise to provide cartridges that are 100% compatible with your Epson printer while providing you sharp, crisp prints every time.

No leaks, No blockages, No Lines - just simple easy printing.

Epson 29 ink cartridges are engineered to give users a reliable and affordable solution to printing. This versatile four colour system delivers text documents that are crisp and clear alongside photographs that are so sharp they look as though they were developed in a dark room rather than printed using an inkjet.

Like many other Epson printing consumables Epson 29 Ink cartridges are available in two formats, regular and “XL”. Epson 29XL ink cartridges have a higher ink yield and so are ideally suited to users who print a lot of documents or images. This cost-effective printing solution can not only save you money, but because the XL ink cartridges need to be replaced less frequently you also save time and reduce waste.

Our Epson 29XL ink cartridges are available singly, but for an even more cost effective solution we also offer a range of Epson 29XL Multipacks which lower the per-cartridge price for even better value. We make it our business to make sure that you never have to worry about the cost of printing. and are committed to ensuring that you can always buy Epson 29XL multipack ink cartridges online at a low price so that you always get the best possible value.

At Ink Guru we also understand the inconvenience that running out of printer consumables can cause, and the need to obtain supplies in a timely manner. Our range of Epson 29 ink cartridges, including our Epson 29XL multipacks, like all the products we supply will be dispatched on the day of order if your order is placed before 3pm. Not only that, we give free first class shipping on all orders over £15.00 to ensure that the printing consumables you need are with you quickly.

Take a look at our range of Epson 29 Ink Cartridges and never worry about printing consumables again.

Save 9%
£15.01 incl. VAT

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