How to choose the right printer ink cartridges for your home office

How to choose the right printer ink cartridges for your home office

Epson makes excellent printers which produce amazing results. They deliver text which is sharp and clear, images that are vibrant and crystal clear. These precision engineered inkjet marvels can easily handle any printing jobs you care to throw at them. But all printers need ink, and printer ink can often feel very expensive. You could spend hours searching through computer supplies stores and stationers looking for the best deal on an Epson Strawberry ink multipack and still not feel that you found good value. You could spend hours at your desk browsing through a seemingly never ending parade of websites looking for the cheapest Epson ink cartridges online and still be left with the nagging feeling that you are paying more than you needed to. 

Finding Epson ink cartridges is not particularly hard. They are after all a very popular brand which is widely available. But cheap Epson ink cartridges are a very different proposition. When every shop and online store claims to have the very best deals available what can you do? Should you put your trust in the High Street? Are the very best deals hidden somewhere out of town in the aisles of the big computer stores? Are the deals more attractive if you take to the internet? Where will you find the best value?

Well, we enjoy a bit of retail therapy as much as anybody and there are many things we enjoy browsing through the shelves of high street stores looking for. However Ink cartridges are not among them. You do not need to browse through a display of ink cartridges because there is no choice to make. Your printer requires whatever cartridge it has been designed to use. If your printer needs Epson Strawberry Ink, then Epson Strawberry ink is what you are going to buy. There is no need to consider a range of options, you simply need to get the Epson ink cartridges that are appropriate for your printer with the smallest amount of effort and the smallest amount of cost.

This is also why going to the trouble of getting in the car and driving out of town to pick up a new Epson ink cartridge is never a sensible use of time. For this kind of purchase, when you know exactly what you need, shopping online is absolutely the best thing to do – order your Epson Strawberry ink multipack over the internet and have it delivered to your door without you needing to leave your office. What could be better?

Of course, the problem then is that when you go online there are so many websites claiming to offer the cheapest Epson ink cartridges online it is perfectly understandable that many people waste vast amounts of both time and energy scouring the World Wide Web for the best deal on cheap Epson ink cartridges. Since time lost looking for the best deal on an Epson Strawberry ink multipack or other Epson compatible cartridge is time that you cannot spend doing something more interesting so you owe it to yourself to save that time and come directly to because we truly are the home of the cheapest Epson ink cartridges online.

Consider Epson Strawberry Ink, for example. This is a four cartridge ink system and at Ink we can supply you with individual cartridges in black, magenta, yellow and cyan at excellent prices. These individual deals are already fantastic value, but we can offer even better deals than that. Do you use more black ink than colour? Do you use more of one colour cartridge than the others? We can supply Epson Strawberry ink multipacks that are tailored to meet your particular requirements. These value multipacks reduce the unit price of each individual cartridge and make our cheap Epson ink cartridges even more cost effective.

Our aim is to save you time, effort and money when you search for the cheapest Epson ink cartridges online. We know that “good value” is about more than simply price. Value is also rooted in quality of service. For this reason a team of expert customer consultants is always available to give you whatever advice you may need. For the same reason we offer same day dispatch on every online order placed before three PM because we understand all too well that running out of ink can be a serious problem and we hope that this service can limit the effect of this inconvenience.

As part of that commitment to excellent service we also offer free first-class shipping as standard on every order over £15.00. That means that when you order your ink from us you avoid additional postage costs but still benefit from a fast and efficient delivery. Here at Ink Guru we do our absolute best to make sure that buying ink from us online is simple, smooth and hassle free so that you can shop with us with confidence.

So while we are very much focused on offering the most cost effective solutions for printing consumables Ink Guru is not only about keeping prices low. Cost is of great importance, naturally but we know that it is not the only thing our customers care about. It would be possible for us to keep our prices low by dealing in second rate cartridges loaded with sub-standard ink. Many online ink sellers do exactly that, and if viewed simply on price their deals can appear quite attractive. Please be assured that at Ink Guru we will never sink to that, because we believe strongly that “good value” can never be compatible with “poor quality”.

When you shop with us you can be sure that every single ink cartridge we supply is made to the highest standards and will be loaded with only the very best inks formulated to function in complete harmony with your printer. We never have and never will cut corners or tolerate low standards to enable us to offer a lower price. So, when you purchase your ink from us you can be confident that you are buying the best quality cartridges at the lowest price possible.

This is important because poor quality cartridges filled with sub-standard ink can never deliver the high quality printing that you should expect from your Epson printer. The text will not be sharp. Images will not be clear and lack the vibrant colours you should expect. If that were not bad enough some low quality inks may also build-up and clog the ink-jet heads in your printer. Sometimes this build-up can even make your printer impossible to operate, and that can make whatever money you saved seem pretty expensive after all.

We suggest that you do not need to take that chance. We work extremely hard to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. We will never ever compromise on quality. We simply give you the greatest value deals on high quality Epson ink cartridges. We do not tolerate second best, and we do not believe that you should either. That is what makes Ink Guru the only choice for buying Epson ink cartridges online. We are all about giving the best possible quality at the lowest possible price. The only real choice you have to make is how much ink you need.

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