Compatible HP 364XL High Capacity Multipack - Black / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow - Pack of 8 - 2 Set

  • High Capacity Ink Cartridges
  • Premium Quality Non-Blocking Ink
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Money Back
  • ...

    Compatible Models:
    DeskJet D5445, DeskJet D5460, Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One - CQ877B, Photosmart 7520 e All-in-One, Photosmart C309C, Photosmart C5300, Photosmart C5324, Photosmart C5370, Photosmart C5373, Photosmart C5380, Photosmart C5383, Photosmart C5388, Photosmart C5390, Photosmart C5393, Photosmart C6300, Photosmart C6324, Photosmart C6340, Photosmart C6350, Photosmart C6380, Photosmart C6383, Photosmart D5400, Photosmart D5445, Photosmart D5460, Photosmart D5463, Photosmart D5468, Photosmart D7560, Photosmart eStation C510a - CQ140B, Photosmart eStation C510c, Photosmart Premium B410A, Photosmart Premium B410C, Photosmart Premium C309G, Photosmart Premium C309H, Photosmart Premium C309N, Photosmart Premium C310A, Photosmart Premium Fax C309A, Photosmart Premium Fax C309C, Photosmart Premium Fax C410A, Photosmart Premium Fax C410B, Photosmart Premium Fax C410B e-All-In-One (CQ521B), Photosmart Premium Fax C410C, Photosmart Premium Fax C410D, Photosmart Premium Fax C410E, Photosmart Premium Fax CC335B, Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web C 309N, Photosmart Pro B8550, Photosmart Pro B8553, Photosmart Pro B8558

    At Ink Guru it is our business to make sure that your business has quick and easy access to the printer consumables it requires. We also want to use our extensive experience with ink cartridges to assist you in finding the right cartridge format to meet your company’s printing needs with the minimum of fuss. For example, HP 364 printer ink cartridges are available in XL format, which offer a greater yield, at a more affordable price, than the HP regular sized cartridges.

    For business use we would always recommend HP 364XL Ink cartridges because we understand that in a busy office environment the demands on printer consumables can be very high, especially if printers are accessed by multiple users. In such circumstances regular HP 364 printer ink cartridges would quickly become exhausted, meaning they would need to be changed frequently. Costs would quickly mount, as would frustration amongst staff whose workflow would often be interrupted by low ink warnings.

    This is why HP 364XL Ink Cartridges offer the best “printed page to cost” ratio in HP 364 Printer Ink where your printer is in heavy use.  Not only are they less expensive per drop of ink, because they need to be changed less often they not only save your business money, time and stress they also help you to reduce waste.

    HP 364 printer ink cartridges are available singly, but Ink Guru also offers a range of HP 364XL Multipack options. These are designed to help your business purchase the printer consumables you need in the most convenient and cost-effective quantities to meet all of your printing requirements. We are clear that multipacks are the best option for value HP 364 Printer Ink, which is why we work so hard to enable our customers to buy HP 364XL compatible multipack ink cartridges online at a low price.

    At Ink Guru we also understand the inconvenience that running out of printer consumables can cause in an office and the need to obtain supplies in a timely manner, which is why our range of HP 364XL Multipacks, like all the products we sell will be dispatched on the day of order if your order is placed before 3pm. Not only that, we give free first class shipping on all orders over £15.00 to ensure that the printing consumables you need are with you quickly.

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